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From the best coffee shops to sunny outdoor dining and indie shopping recommendations, you'll find it here. Discover what Shrewsbury has to offer as a place to work, live and visit.

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Town Guides

Posted 16 May 2024

3 Shrewsbury restaurants that prove historic towns can be accessible

For the second blog in our Accessible Shrewsbury series, accessibility campaigner Claire Dellar highlights three of her favourite accessible spaces…

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Town Guides

Posted 11 April 2024

Best of the Fest: What Not to Miss at Loopfest 2024

Loopfest volunteer David Molby tells us about a few of the bands he's most excited to welcome to this year's three-day festival bonanza.

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Town Guides

Posted 19 October 2023

Shrewsbury's Coziest Independent Coffee Shops

Shrewsbury has plenty of cozy coffee shops to visit. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to get some work done or a cool hangout to catch up…

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Town Guides

Posted 14 August 2023

Back to school shopping in Shrewsbury

It's time to get the little ones ready for their September start! You'll find school uniform, shoes and equipment aplenty when shopping in Shrewsbury!

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Town Guides

Posted 1 June 2023

Get afloat in Shrewsbury

Seeing Shrewsbury from a different perspective has never been easier, with countless tours and activities available to help get you out on the water.

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Town Guides

Posted 10 May 2023

Where to eat Vegetarian in Shrewsbury

We’ve all tastes catered for here, with vegetarian food on offer from across the globe – whether it’s a French crêpe, a bowl of noodles or authentic…

The quarry 7
Town Guides

Posted 26 April 2023

The Quarry highlighted as one of UK's best city parks

Rubbing shoulders alongside Hampstead Heath and Belfast's Botanic Gardens, The Times has named The Quarry as top urban green space.

Romantic date ideas 2
Town Guides

Posted 20 January 2023

Romantic date ideas in Shrewsbury

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend time with your loved one? From screen printing to a steamy weekend in a boutique hotel - you can find it…

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Town Guides

Posted 1 January 2023

Your guide to an alcohol free night out in Shrewsbury

An alcohol-free night out in Shrewsbury doesn't have to signal an evening of soft drinks. Our bars and pubs are at hand to help whether you're taking…

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Town Guides

Posted 1 January 2023

Indulge with Shrewsbury's vegan eateries

Shrewsbury's town centre is home to a number of 100% plant-based eateries. From taste bud-tingling ramen to mouth-watering jerk jackfruit – you're…

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