Posted 01 Jan 2023

Your guide to an alcohol free night out in Shrewsbury

An alcohol-free night out in Shrewsbury doesn't have to signal an evening of soft drinks. Our bars and pubs are at hand to help whether you're taking part in Dry January, Sober October, you're teetotal or just the designated driver.
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The Alb

The Alb's award-winning cocktail bartenders are on hand and ready to whip you up something delicious from their menu of zero prof cocktails. Here you'll also find a tempting menu of non-alcoholic beers, prosecco and gin.

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Blind Tiger

At cocktail specialists Blind Tiger, you'll never feel left out! Here you'll find five in-house cocktail creations, each bursting with flavour and guaranteed to impress. They also offer a non-alcoholic lager and IPA for customers who would prefer a beer.

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Cocktail aficionados Bombos offers a tantalising menu of mocktails, including the Mr Twister, a mouth-watering mix of tropical fruit juices and cream, and the coffee-based Wakeup Call, for those who need an alcohol-free pick me up!

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Located on Shrewsbury's Castle Gates, Glouglou is a natural wine bar offering small plates and a cosy atmosphere. For those after an alcohol-free evening make sure to check out their Austrian Juna sparkling and Nibiru still wines, as well as BrewDog offerings. To tantalise your tastebuds try the Glou-er Mocktail; Pentire alcohol-free spirit, cranberry, pineapple, and freshly squeezed lime juice - yum!

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Tap and Can

Dedicated taproom Tap and Can may specialise in craft beers, but it doesn't mean you're out of luck if you're after something alcohol-free. Here you'll always find an alcohol-free can or two, and the occasional tipple on draught.

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Ten & Six

An extravagant Champagne bar inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Ten & Six offers a selection of cocktails, including twists on much loved classics such as the Virgin Mary and Nojito.

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The Shrewsbury Hotel and Montgomery's Tower

Shrewsbury’s resident Whetherspoons, The Shrewsbury Hotel and Montgomery’s Tower, offer a broad selection of alcohol-free alternatives, encompassing a broad selection of bottled beers including Stella, Heineken, Kopparberg and Brewdog.

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