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About the 10 year, £350m+ investment pushing Shrewsbury into a new and improved future
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The Riverside Development Project in Shrewsbury is an ambitious initiative spearheaded by Shropshire Council in collaboration with Rivington Hark. Valued at over £350 million in Gross Development Value (GDV), this large-scale project aims to revitalise Shrewsbury’s town centre, transforming it into a vibrant, modern hub of activity.

The project is set to unfold over a decade, from 2023 to 2033. Some critical milestones include:

  • March 2024: Planning permission granted for the demolition of the Riverside Shopping Centre and the creation of Roushill Park
  • Summer 2024: Submission of outline planning applications for further development sites and full planning permission for the Pride Hill Leisure development
  • Late 2025: Availability of the first commercial development plots, expedited by government-funded Levelling Up investment

Development Scope and Vision

Covering a 4-hectare site that includes the former Riverside & Pride Hill Shopping Centres, a multi-storey car park, a bus station, and adjacent areas, the Riverside Development will leverage its prime waterfront location to create a new, mixed-use neighborhood. Key components of the project are:

  • Mixed-Use Development: The plan includes residential, office, hotel, retail, and leisure facilities
  • Zero Carbon Grade A Office Space: Aiming to open by 2030 targets, these offices will set a new standard in sustainability
  • Roushill Park and Linear Park: These green spaces will provide scenic, recreational areas for residents and visitors
  • 21st Century Quayside: Modern homes, high-quality office space, state-of-the-art leisure, and bespoke retail outlets will combine to create a dynamic and sustainable riverside destination

Opportunities for Businesses and Residents

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The Riverside Development presents numerous opportunities for businesses and residents:

  • Commercial and Office Space: The project will introduce Shrewsbury’s first Grade A office spaces, attracting businesses seeking high-quality, sustainable work environments.
  • Residential Opportunities: New homes will cater to a growing population, projected to reach 85,700 by 2026.
  • Retail and Leisure: Bespoke retail units and leisure facilities will enhance the town’s appeal, fostering a lively, engaging atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.
  • Cultural and Green Spaces: Proximity to Theatre Severn, historic quarters, and the new Linear Park will support diverse cultural and leisure activities, making Shrewsbury an even more attractive place to live and visit.

This development supports Shrewsbury’s status as a ‘Strategic Centre’ under Shropshire’s Local Plan, with high-growth aspirations and a rapidly growing population. Shrewsbury is not only Shropshire’s county town but also a critical service hub for the region. With direct train links to major cities like Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff, and near proximity to the M54 motorway, the town is well-connected and poised for growth.

The Riverside Development Project will create a sustainable, modern, and vibrant destination that supports economic growth, enhances the quality of life for residents and attracts visitors. With significant investment, strategic planning and a clear vision, Shrewsbury is poised to become a leading example of 21st-century urban regeneration.

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