Posted 26 Aug 2020

Studying in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is a wonderful place to study, with the town home to a number of private educators, large college group and its own university.
Studying in shrews

St Winefride's is tucked away in Belmont, adjacent to St Windefride's convent. The teachers have been cultivating the minds of children aged 4-11 since 1868.

Perched on the edge of the Quarry facing it's sister school Shrewsbury High School is a Shrewsbury instriution to boast about, widely regarded as one of the UK's leading independent schools Shrewsbury High was recently ranked in first place in Shropshire in the Independent School Council's league table for GCSE points scored.

Shrewsbury Colleges Group has two campuses which sit at the centre of Shrewsbury's community with students contributing positively to town centre life. The Welsh Bridge Campus and English Bridge Campus specialise in A-levels, whilst the London Road Campus is for Higher Education and vocational excellence across a diverse range of disciplines.

The brand new University Centre Shrewsbury offers a dynamic undergraduate and postgraduate study in this historic setting. Based at Rowleys House, the UC Shrewsbury will be welcoming undergraduate students in autumn 2015.

Learning extends beyond the classroom at the Hive and the Gateway with courses offering anything from pottery for children to Latin Graffiti.

Places to study in Shrewsbury

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