Posted 19 May 2020

Cycling in Shrewsbury

For many, cycling in Shrewsbury is not just a passion - it's an obsession.
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There are a profusion of bike shops offering everything from high-end bikes, accessories and repairs. Urban Bikes in the Market Hall is the place to go for bike hire and organised rides. Trek Bicycle at the bottom of Wyle Cop and Rob Buckley Cycles in the Riverside Centre both cater for all cyclists - from toddlers on balance bikes through to some of the country's finest road and mountain bike riders.

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Getting to grips with cycling in Shrewsbury

Whilst there is a lot of exploration to be done by bike just outside of Shrewsbury, it’s important you feel comfortable and confident on the bike before hand. Starting out is not only the most exciting thing ever, but it can be a little nerve-racking too.

The great thing here in Shrewsbury is the accessible traffic-free environments. Take The Quarry for example; a quiet and partly tarmacked park where you can cycle along the river without worry of other vehicles, gaining confidence in your bike handling and balance.

So how would you go beyond this to gain even more confidence?

Navigating parts of the town will help you get that crucial next level of confidence and by finding a friend who is already a very competent cyclist to do this with will be much more reassuring.

View this Strava cycling route which gives you an easy loop that will get you used to cycling on the roads of Shrewsbury, as well as provide you with a roundabout to navigate.

Other important resources for starting out include the highway code, a more in-depth beginner’s guide, and safety info.

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Shrewsbury to Ellesmere cycling route

Ever been to Ellesmere? It’s idyllic, beautiful and quaint in every sense. Situated towards the North of Shropshire, the mere itself is vast and you can event cycle around parts of it. But it’s not just the mere that is worth seeing.

16 miles away from home, you’ll be right on the canals, the coffee shops, and the tiny streets of Ellesmere. The cycle may seem daunting to those less pedalled and contains 1,800 feet of hill climbs, but as soon as you are comfortable reaching this distance and cycling up this elevation, it will be a trip you must take.

The route takes you to Ellesmere via the A528 and whilst not the quietest of roads, it’s easily manageable and the roads are wide. Coming back via Baschurch is quieter and provides the scenic beauty Shropshire offers so well.

You can see the cycling route over on Strava.

This route was created by our friends at Cyced, who provide cycling information for the area

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Shrewsbury to Shawbury cycling route

Getting out of Shrewsbury and heading for a short but steady cycle doesn’t need to be difficult nor timing consuming. Shawbury is famed for the situated RAF base fenced off with 10 foot fences, and cycling to see this roughly takes one hour.

A 21 mile round trip, this route begins in the square and takes you out of Shrewsbury via Sundorne Road to quieter roads, away from traffic.

The route to Shawbury is predominantly made up of quiet B road stretches and scenic lanes where you're unlikely to come across a vehicle. This makes for relaxed riding at a steady place and gives you the opportunity to take a breather and take in all the natural countryside around Haughmond Hill and afar.

The very best part of this ride is coming out of Shawbury across the incredibly quiet B-road that leads you around towards Wem, before you cut in and join the A49 briefly. Maybe even stop off at Moreton Corbet Castle. You'll then get to Grinshill and descend into even quieter roads, where you'll finally make it through to Albrighton and come back into Shrewsbury via the A528, down Coton Hill.

You can see the cycling route over on Strava.

This route was created by our friends at Cyced, who provide cycling information for the area.

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