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Why would anyone move from a major city to work in Shrewsbury? We've compiled a few reasons!
Town walls

– 80% of our restaurants, cafés and bars are independent

– 70% of our shops, too

– It's 16% cheaper to rent a home in Shrewsbury than the UK average (Q1, 2024)

– Our streets see 5.2% higher footfall than the rest of the UK (Q1, 2024)

Want to know what makes Shrewsbury so special? It's about more than just timber-framed buildings, churches and flowers.

Occupied in the loop of the Severn for over 1,000 years, Shrewsbury is a bustling market town with a fierce sense of independence and individuality, striving to break the mould.

Founded by Saxons to defend against Vikings sailing the Severn, developed by Tudors and transformed into a hub of global trade by Victorians, there's no place like Shrewsbury. You'll spot what makes our town unique as soon as you step out of the train station (which, incidentally, is home to the largest mechanical signal box in the world).

Shrewsbury is a bustling market town striving to break the mould...
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Shrewsbury offers a rare blend of historic charm and modern convenience, making it a prime spot to perfect your work-life balance.

This town is famously enveloped by lush countryside, yet remains well-connected to major cities, offering the perfect balance of escape and accessibility. It's sizeable enough to foster a lively atmosphere and rich, diverse social scene, yet small enough to maintain a community feel. Here, everyone might know your name, from the local shopkeepers to the entrepreneurs sharing your co-working space.

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In Shrewsbury, you'll find a robust cultural scene with festivals and events that celebrate everything from global folk music to food, LGBTQ+ history to cinema, so you'll always have something in your calendar to look forward to.

Whether grabbing coffee in the shade of a 16th century market hall, enjoying a quiet moment by the riverside, or striking out for an adventure in the Shropshire Hills AONB, most residents would agree that Shrewsbury offers a quality of life that’s hard to match.

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Visitors & tourism

Shrewsbury is the largest town in Shropshire and serves the majority of the county's population as its economic and social hub.

In summer, the town becomes a hub of a different kind - bustling with both national and global tourists ready to explore our unique local business scene, heritage and outdoor space.

Shropshire is recognised as one of ABTA's tourist destinations to watch for 2024, and - with plentiful accommodation, an award-winning food and drink scene and easy national transport links - Shrewsbury is the logical hub from which to explore the county.

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