Learning Disabilities - Physical Health Pathway Nurse Coordinator

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Job Information

To be able to work autonomously, assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating physical health care across the Community LD directorate using a person centred approach and ensuring high quality evidenced based standards of care are achieved. To prioritise, organise and manage own workload in a manner that maintains and promotes quality. To work in line with the care plan and risk assessment identified on the medic/NMP clinic letter. To be responsible for the general, day to day management of the Physical Health Monitoring Team and practice identified in the Physical Health pathway, including prioritising and managing workload for self and others.

To have overall responsibility for ensuring the cleaning and servicing of medical equipment using appropriate methods, ordering of stock and equipment, monitoring of infection control compliance etc. To provide clinical support for more junior staff and students who are working in the clinic environment or who are providing physical health care assessments/interventions. To be responsible for undertaking relevant nursing/ clinical procedures and interventions which is underpinned by theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This will include (but is not limited to) venepuncture, use of the ECG recording.

To undertake a variety of physical observations and physical health interventions in a range of settings which are appropriate to the individuals scope of practice and, when needed, communicate findings appropriately, escalating any concerns to the most appropriate person/s. To request a range of pathology tests, for example blood test and ECG. To undertake the collection, storage and dispatch of pathological specimens including intravenous blood samples and ensure the cleanliness of any equipment used To provide advice and education on the promotion of health and prevention of illness relevant to the referral. (This may be in conjunction with the wider LD team).

In line with the individuals scope of practice, this may include offering clinics, for example weight management where medication is the cause. To ensure accurate, legible and timely documentation relating to all aspects of service user care and treatment are recorded in line with local policy and NMC guidelines. To use the Mental Capacity Process in line with the Trust DMI Policy and LD Physical Health Pathway. This is in regard to the use of clinical holding to manage service users with different levels of cognitive impairment as a possible appropriate response to incidents of behaviours that challenge services, and of instances of resistance to medical procedures.

To ensure effective communication/handover of information of service user to all relevant health professionals, this may be verbal or written information or referral onwards. To administer medications, via a variety of routes (e.g. IM/TOP) in accordance with Trust Policy and Medicines Code where relevant to the role. To achieve and maintain skills and clinical competencies specific to the post and undertake additional training, appraisal and clinical supervision as part of continuing professional development in order to effectively meet the needs of the service user group.

To offer support to the GP, when required, in specific clinical procedures. Decisions and Judgment: Professional responsibilities To work within own competence, according to the NMC Code of Professional standards of practice and behaviour and relevant professional guidelines and be accountable for their own, autonomous, professional actions. To be accountable and responsible for accurate record keeping in accordance with local policies. To participate in quality and governance initiatives and clinical audit.

To contribute to service developments relating to health promotion and the physical health pathway. To develop and maintain effective relationships and work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams and other health care professionals in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for service user care. To work within the requirements of the Mental Health Act (1983). To provide nurse leadership, education and clinical / professional support to students and junior staff.

To be able to act as a clinical supervisor for students and junior staff To maintain safety and safeguard the welfare and safety of staff, service user and visitors and the public, by implementing all policies and procedures relating to security and Health and Safety. Systems and Equipment To utilise and maintain equipment and systems in line with Trust Policies and procedures. To be responsible for overseeing the maintenance, cleaning of medical equipment using appropriate methods, ordering of stock and equipment, monitoring of infection control compliance. Physical Demands of the Job Where necessary the post holder may be required to take a role in the management of actual and potential physical aggression using appropriate techniques and interventions.Most Challenging/Difficult Parts of the Job The post holder will be required to provide physical health care to service users who may be presenting with challenging behaviour and who may be extremely mentally unwell.

The post holder will be expected to be able to travel to meet the needs of the service. This document does not attempt to describe all the tasks of the post, but it does indicate the degree of autonomy, authority and discretion, together with examples of the activities of a Band 6 Nurse within the LD Service.Please see the attached Job Description & Person Specification for further details.

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