SOS BOSS With Hannah // Reneé Rap & Megan Thee Stallion - Not My Fault

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    Sun, 16th Jun 2024 - 10:00 - 11:00

    ROAM Dance School, St Mary's Court, SY1 1EG

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    Welcome to SOS, the home of the world’s most empowering dance classes! I am thrilled you’re here, and signing up to learn our super empowering, pop-inspired routines taught by me, Hannah, your Shrewsbury BOSS!


    All SOS routines are created by the world’s top backing dancers who work with Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, JLo, Little Mix and many more! The same routine is then taught by our exceptional team of certified instructors (who we call SOS BOSSES) trained in the SOS teaching method I created, at every SOS location, worldwide. Our choreographers are super talented, seasoned professionals, but they're also super empowering, kind, amazing people themselves. You can learn directly from them over on VIP Videos!


    Feeling nervous? Don’t worry – everyone does for their first class, I’ve got you!

    All of our amazing SOS routines are broken down so you can go at your own pace. SOS dance classes aren't about being perfect. They're about moving your body, feeling amazing, and having FUN. Class is time for you to practice self-care and self-love by taking an hour out of your week just for you!


    Reneé Rap & Megan Thee Stallion - Not My Fault


    • Warm up: We’ll start with a 10 minute warm up including gentle stretches designed for all levels to an incredible playlist guaranteed to get you moving!
    • 'Rehearsal': Our goal is to give you the pop diva experience (think Beyoncé!) so just like the Queen, you'll have a rehearsal process where the routine will be broken down into bite sized sections of '8 counts' putting moves to music and slowly building up the routine so it's in your body. You can ask as many questions as you want. This is your class, and if you're thinking it, other people will be too! I will also give you those all important VIP dance tips previously reserved for the stars to ensure you feel like the bad b*tch you are when you're on and off the dance floor!
    • 'Performance': Don't worry – you won't need to do any solo's!! The performance section of class is where you dance the whole routine that was taught in class from start to finish with music, turned up to the max! This section of class is where you can really switch off, relax and DANCE! This is a safe, zero judgement zone so the more you let out your inner 'Sasha Fierce' here, the better!


    At SOS, we cheer for each other so loud people walking by on the streets outside will hear us! The SOS Community is about supporting each other, and creating a safe space for women to be their most powerful selves.

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